The History of Whittington & Co.

Whittington & Co. History

The past makes our present, it leads us to become what we are today, and without it, we would not have the opportunities we are faced with.

Whittington & Co. has come a long way from the roots of Custom Canadian Manufacturing of fine upholstered furniture.

100% Canadian kiln dried hardwood

Our products are made using frames produced of 100% Canadian kiln dried hardwood and upholstered by artisans using fine fabrics from around the world.​

Whittington & Co. Process

Whittington & Co. caters to select fine retail boutiques and interior designers & decorators across Canada.

We have the ongoing pleasure of working with the Canadian Embassy and in the past have crafted elegant furniture for Her Majesty the Queen of England. Further, we’ve had the opportunity to create pieces for celebrities such as The Tragically Hip, Goldie Hawn & Ron McClain through our esteemed designers.​​

Whittington & Co. Portfolio

We offer traditional or contemporary styles, and while we do have our own very successful catalogue, we do recognize the need for an establishment where designers can produce their own ideas and designs. Therefore, we offer a fully customized service. Whittington & Co., is continuously featured in several leading Canadian Décor Magazines and we strive to always have the leading edge designs in our industry.

The principals of Whittington & Co. have a long history in the manufacturing of fine upholstered furniture. We always welcome customer feedback to ensure product superiority and most importantly, client satisfaction.

Whittington & Co.

Whittington & Co.

Whittington & Co. A New Chapter

A brand that represents a new chapter in the legacy of Whittington Furniture. 

Whittington & Co.

Over the years, Whittington Furniture has earned a renowned reputation in the Canadian furniture industry for its quality, talented artisans, fine craftsmanship and expert custom capabilities.

Today at Whittington & Co, we strive to continue that tradition by being a distinguished source of talent for the industry, transforming creative expressions of personal styles through the fine art of upholstered furniture.  In doing so, we hope to capture and showcase the beauty and imagination of all designing minds.​ Absolute customer satisfaction will be the sole focus for all of us at Whittington & Co. To iterate this, we are engaging in a variety of initiatives aimed at improving your experience and strengthening our relationship with your company. In the months to follow, you can look forward to:

•  New range of product styles and online catalogue

•  A redesigned showroom space to work from and meet with clients

•  Fine selection of graded fabrics from Threadcount Textile & Design, Joanne Fabrics, Maxwell and Robert Allen Fabrics – available at special negotiated prices.

Whittington & Co.
We’ve shared our past, brought you our present, and are hoping to share our future with you. 

For more information and to keep up to the minute with Whittington & Co. visit our website and stay informed via social media.


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